Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center, a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center!
Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center,a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center! 

Why should you choose Foundations? 

This is a question we get fairly often.  This is what we say.


-Foundations is owned and Directed by the same person.             --We are a 5 Star Center!                  

-We are also a small business, not a corporate chain. 


At a "chain" or "corporate" center the person running the day to day operations is not the person who cares the most about the business.


Our owner, Margaret Leckrone, is at the school daily, working with, and developing personal relationships with the teachers, parents and children. She personally hired the staff, and knows every single child.


Staff turnover is extremely low. 

Turnover of staff and teachers is one of the biggest problems that preschool/daycares have, especially in the Charlottesville area. At Foundations our teachers come, and stay. We have teachers who have been with us since 1995! The average number of years our lead teachers, Director and Asst. Director have been here is 10.5 years!  Having long term staff enables teachers to get to know the kids before they even move into their class. This makes the kids feel safe and secure, so that learning can take place right from the start.


Our family atmosphere and close knit staff provide a unique and comfortable home-like atmosphere. As one gentleman said after a recent tour, "I like this place- it just feels so homey and comfortable".


Our lunches are made fresh here each day! We take special care to prepare well balanced, kid friendly meals. We have recently added a bigger variety of foods, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide modifications or alternatives for kids with allergies whenever possible. Meals are included, so no need to pack every day!


Our Lead Teachers are all full time.

This means less transition of staff in and out of rooms, and it improves the consistancy of the child's day. It also enables staff to develop more personal relationships with the parents, as they are here to see you at drop off and/or pickup each day.


We focus on teaching kids how to be learners.

Kids are ready for "academics" at different points, but kids can learn to be learners right from the start. Our Emergent Curriculum enables kids to learn and grow at their own pace. Kids learn through play, and learn best when they are interested and excited about the content. It motivates kids to experience new things in a safe and non-threatening environment.




Foundations Child Development Center

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