Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center, a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center!
Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center,a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center! 

Our Curriculum   

 Our EMERGENT curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child in all areas of development – cognitive, language, social / emotional, and physical. The curriculum is also specifically designed to meet each child at his or her own level.

  Activities revolve around play, and hands on activities that children enjoy. Math is not done on worksheets, it is done by graphing, sorting and classifying, cooking, measuring, counting, and making patterns. Language is developed as children do show and tell, read stories and discuss ways to solve classroom problems, dictate stories, and enjoy nursery rhymes. Science is all about exploration and hands on experiments. Social skills are developed through dramatic play in the dress up area, or sharing a toy when there is only one left. Physical skills develop as kids ride bikes, run, throw beanbags, draw with colored pencils or cray pas, and learn to write their names. Music classes are taught once a week at no extra charge.

   Units taught are based on the ideas and interests of the children in each class.  Learning happens best when kids are interested and excited about what they are learning.  

    Days are very busy and filled with learning "in disguise". Please contact us for more information on the specifics of our curriculum.






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