Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center, a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center!
Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center,a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center! 

Preschool and Pre-K

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs each have separate areas in our school. The Preschool wing has four classrooms, joined by open doorways for visibility, and so that teachers can work together. Each preschool class has between 8 and 10 children. Pre-K classrooms are also joined by an open doorway. One class has up to 20 children with a teacher and assistant, and because all children are not ready for, or may not prefer, a large class, one Pre-K is limited to 10 children. Both Pre-K teachers started working at Foundations in 1995!

Children in these classes share our rear playground, complete with trike track, sand, climbers and imaginative play structures. There is also an outdoor learning area at the top of the hill where the Pre-K, in particular, does planting and birdwatching.

Parents tell us all the time that children leaving our Pre-Kindergarten programs are well prepared for Kindergarten. We focus not only on the academics, but the "self help" skills that children will need when entering a new school. The Pre-K teachers work hard to ensure that children know how to be learners - sitting in circle time, following directions, working with others, problem solving, and caring for their materials and possessions, are among the things that are focused on.


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