Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center, a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center!
Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center,a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center! 

Enrichment Classes

American Sign Language Classes - "Growing up in a home with a parent who is hearing impaired, learning sign language early was a necessity. As I grew up I began to pick up basic sign language by just being exposed to it on a daily basis. As my ability to sign fluently has grown, so has my desire to teach others to sign.  I'm excited to have this opportunity to share my love of sign language with the students at Foundations." - Brittany Durrer


Music Classes - 
Every class has Mr. Mike visit once a week for music class.  While all classes sing every day, Mr. Mike brings in a variety of instruments, and teaches the kids about long-short notes, pitch, and rhythms.


Wee Little Arts  Miss Barbie has opened a restaurant and won't be continuing with her special art class this year. We are looking for a replacement program. 



Soccer Shots - Soccer shots "is an engaging children's soccer program with a focus on character development." (-Soccer Shots) There is an extra fee for this class.   

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