Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center, a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center!
Welcome to Foundations Child Development Center,a Virginia Quality 5 Star Center! 


Fresh strawberries are a summer favorite!

At Foundations we have a full kitchen where we prepare all of our lunches and snacks. We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Health as a Foodservice Establishment, and are inspected regularly.

We change our menu throughout the year, but are always sure to meet USDA guidelines. We try to provide "child friendly" meals and snacks - things that the kids will actually eat! We occasionally try new foods, and if the kids like them, we add them to the menu and take off foods they have gotten tired of. Our menu is on a three week rotation.


Due to the many peanut allergies children have had over the years, we are a PEANUT FREE establishment.

We will work with you if your child has other allergies or dietary restrictions, as well.



Our students, 16 months and older, eat lunch and snacks in our rainforest lunchroom!


Sample Meals

Rotisserie Chicken, baked beans, fresh bananas and milk

Lasagna, fresh salad, oranges, milk

Turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, carrots (cooked or raw depending on age), fresh apple wedges

Whole Wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs, broccoli, unsweetened applesauce, milk

Chicken salad with crackers, green beans, pinapple, milk

Baked tilapia, corn, fresh sliced cucumbers

Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli, applesauce

Sample Snacks

All snacks consist of two components, usually a grain and a fruit, veggie or protein.  Examples:  cereal with milk, bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruits, homemade banana bread, fresh veggies with ranch dip, wheat crackers, hummus, raisins, cheese and crackers.  Water is served if there is a fruit component, 100% juice is served if there is no fruit component, however, parents may choose water in place of juice.

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